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  • The SBM philosophy is focused on creating and fostering the next generation of thought leaders through spontaneous education. This ongoing quest for ensuring academic excellence led to set up the department of MBA in the year 2004. SBM is one of the prestigious management institutes in India to offer AICTE approved degree programme at world class campus in Jaipur. It has now been transformed into School of Business Management with state of the art learning facilities to meet the changing requirements of the corporate world. RIET is one of the oldest institutes in Jaipur. The organization boasts of its expertise of professional education along with being a market leader in the field of technical and professional education in Rajasthan. SBM RIET Jaipur is affiliated to RTU has been established to personify the talents of students and give corporate world a versatile work force. The students here are developed in a highly competitive and flexible environment. The curriculum and pedagogy at SBM makes the student a learner, an active participant in the teaching-learning process. SBM believe in quality education of MBA students with a transformational experience; one that will liberate their minds; encourage them to think innovative and contributing to the progress of our state and society.